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The Benefits of Installing an Attic Fan

FanPeople use their attics for all kinds of things, mostly storage. Where else are you going to store all those possibly haunted dolls you found at that garage sale? What a lot of people don’t think about, though, is how their attic affects the rest of their home. And no, we don’t just mean those weird noises you keep hearing up there in the middle of the night. The attic is actually capable of dramatically affecting your home’s climate control, and your own comfort levels. Read on to find out how an attic fan can help improve things for you.

Why Do You Need an Attic Fan?

Under normal circumstances, the attic of a home tends to retain a lot of heat. Since most people don’t have climate control systems that service their attics, they tend to be pretty heavily insulated. This is great during the winter, but during the summer it actually makes it quite a bit harder to cool the home. Heat moves into the home from outside, rises up into the attic, and sits there. This makes it difficult to cool the home, but it also makes the attic itself unbearably hot during the summer. Installing an attic fan is meant to change that.

What an Attic Fan Does

An attic fan is just a basic ventilation fan that is installed in the attic, typically in the roof. During extremely hot weather, the fan can be turned on to help maintain a comfortable temperature in the attic. This helps to eliminate the problem of having the attic become a massive heat sink on hot days. It won’t keep your entire home cool on its own, but it will at least make it easier to spend time in your attic without feeling like you are standing in an oven.

Will An Attic Fan Cause Problems for Heating?

Some people worry that installing an attic fan in their home will actually make it harder to keep their home’s warm during the winter season. While this may intuitively make sense (cutting a large hole in your roof can’t be good for insulation) it’s actually nothing to worry about. When the fan isn’t running, the loss of insulation is minimal. It’s the air movement that is largely responsible for cooling the area, and with the fan off and your heater running that should not be a problem.

So, if you are looking for a way to make your attic more comfortable and energy efficient, an attic fan might be just the thing for you. Make sure you have a professional install and service it for you, though. Construction and electrical work can be quite dangerous if not conducted properly, so it’s best to have a contractor take care of it for you.

Anderson Electric Corp. provides comprehensive attic fan installation services in Nutley, NJ. If you need a new attic fan installed in your home, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure that you get the perfect attic fan for your home’s needs.  

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