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Ceiling Fans—Good for Summer AND Winter

ceiling-fan-woodenWe provide all types of electrical installations for our residential customers. One you may not have realized we offer is the installation of ceiling fans. We recommend people look into ceiling fans because they can help with comfort and lowering energy bills. And they are effective during cold weather as well, something many people don’t realize.

Ceiling Fans in Hot Weather

Of course, you have already experienced the effects of a fan and how it makes you feel cooler when the weather is hot. Why is that? The fan isn’t actually lowering the temperature of the air. What it’s doing is removing the heat envelope from around your body. This causes your body to release more heat and cool down.

A good ceiling fan in a room, correctly placed for maximum effect, can make people in the space feel around 8°F cooler. This often means the difference in whether the air conditioner is turned on or off. With the right ceiling fans, you can cut down on your air conditioning use during summer and start racking up savings. The fans do use electricity, of course, but much less than the amount of electricity that goes to powering an air conditioning system’s compressor.

Ceiling Fans in Cold Weather

Yes, you can get use out of those fans during a New Jersey winter. On the base of each fan you’ll find a switch. This can reverse the direction the fan rotates. If you look at the fan from below and it’s turning counterclockwise, then it’s in standard mode for cooling people down. After flipping the switch, the blades should be turning clockwise, and this is the mode for colder weather.

When the fans blades are going in reverse, the fan pushes air from the ceiling downward. Because heat rises, this motion by the fan improves heat distribution and creates for a more even spread of comfort. The heating system won’t need to run as long to spread heat.

Please remember: no matter what mode the fan is running in, it isn’t actually altering the temperature of the room. People must be in the room to feel the effect. To maximize energy savings, make sure to turn off the ceiling fans in rooms that aren’t being used.

Can’t I Buy and Install a Ceiling Fan Myself?

We don’t recommend it. The installation process requires both construction and electrical knowledge to do correctly. If the fan is not put in securely, it will start to loosen as it operates, and eventually can tear loose. You don’t want to take those chances. Call professional electricians to have the job done right from start to finish.

You can arrange for electrical services in West Orange, NJ or elsewhere in Northern New Jersey with our licensed electricians. We have 20 years of history delivering the best in electrical work to homes and businesses in the area. Whether you’d like to have ceiling fans installed or an old electrical panel replaced, you can trust the work to us.

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