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Do I Need a New Circuit Breaker?


A circuit breaker is a key part of an electrical system. The breaker is the part of your system that gives a barrier between your home and an electrical disaster. It’s important to know when you need a new circuit breaker so you can replace any faulty parts and avoid electrical issues. If you need an amazing electrician in Montclair, NJ to upgrade or replace your circuit breaker, our team here at Anderson Electric Corp. is the right fit for you.

Signs It’s Time to Replace

  • Your Breakers Trip Often. If you’ve noticed that your breakers trip more often than they should, this could be a sign it’s time for a replacement. Breakers tripping are a sign of several different electric problems but it’s often a direct sign that the panel is malfunctioning. A circuit breaker trips the system if too much power is on in one space. If the breaker trips every time you turn on an appliance, it’s a sign that your breaker is worn out.
  • The Breaker Won’t Reset. A breaker that won’t reset is often a problem that occurs alongside frequent tripping. If your breaker keeps tripping and there are no clear causes, you’re experiencing breaker failure. A breaker not resetting could also be a symptom of an overloaded circuit, a short circuit, or an outdated electric system. If you live in an older home, you could be battling against an electric system that is incompatible with the amount or type of electrical appliances you use. You can call one of our experienced electricians to give the situation an in-depth analysis to determine whether replacement or repair is right for your home.
  • A Burning Smell. If this is a sign you’re experiencing, contact an electrician as soon as possible. This is the most urgent scenario out of all the possibilities listed in this article. If your breaker is giving off a burning smell or any part of it is hot to the touch, it means that either the wires and insulation have become overheated and are burning or that the breaker itself is melting down. In either scenario, it is critical to act quickly. The circuit breaker is the only protection your home has from an unimpeded electrical fire and if it’s malfunctioning to this extent your home’s protection is compromised. This is a situation where you should call upon the help of an experienced electrician immediately.

Get a Professional’s Help

Although fixing something like a breaker may seem simple, always contact an electrician for these services to ensure that your home remains intact and that your loved ones are safe. Electric work is not a viable candidate for a DIY project. Our crew at Anderson Electric Corp has extensive experience with circuit breaker replacements — we can fortify your home against electrical problems.

Anderson Electric Corp employs many hardworking, professional, and reliable electricians. Schedule an appointment today for superior service. We can find the perfect circuit breaker to meet your home’s electrical needs. 

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