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The Many Reasons Why You Should Avoid Doing Your Own Electrical Work

electrical-workYou know what’s a really bad idea? Doing your own electrical work. There are plenty of different projects around your home that you can do yourself. Electrical work isn’t one of them. There are a lot of different reasons why you should only trust a professional to take care of your electrical work for you. Let’s take a look at a few of the most pertinent reasons below.

Risks of Poor Electrical Work

Let’s face it: without professional training and equipment, there is a not-insubstantial chance that you’ll wire something incorrectly. Bad electrical work creates a number of risks for problems to occur. House fires, for example. Incorrect wiring can result in the electrical current traveling in directions that it’s not supposed to, like into the dry wall. This can cause house fires very easily.

The other issue with improper electrical wiring is that it can present great personal risk to your person. The average home has more than enough electrical current running through it to cause serious injury or death. Professional electricians are incredibly careful to avoid accidental exposure to the current for this reason. If you attempt it yourself, the chances of your exposure to the current are much higher. It’s much safer for both yourself and your home to rely on a professional electrician to handle your electrical work for you.

When to Call for Electrical Work

Okay, so what qualifies as electrical work that you should trust an electrician with? Well, does the project require messing around with electrical wires that are connected to the home’s power grid? If so, you need a professional electrician to handle it for you. Some common situations include:

  • Installing or Repairing a Ceiling Fan: The appliance may not require much power, but it’s still hooked up to the rest of the system. Better to have a pro handle it than to try it yourself.
  • Installing or Repairing an Electrical Panel: The breaker box is an important part of keeping your electrical system safe. It’s also a complex system that you don’t want to try installing or fixing yourself. If you need a new electrical panel, or you suspect that something is wrong with your current one, call a professional electrician as soon as possible.
  • Generator Work: It’s generally a good idea not to mess with your generator if you suspect that it’s malfunctioning. Even portable generators can have malfunctions occur that require professional repairs. Better safe than sorry when it comes to these systems.
  • Lighting: If you’re having home lighting issues more complicated than a light bulb burning out, it’s a good idea to call a professional electrician. Common signs of lighting issues include flickering, hot spots on the walls, and failure to turn on for no apparent reason.

Anderson Electric Corp. provides a full range of electrical repair services throughout Wayne, NJ. If you need electrical services of any kind, we can help you out. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert electricians. We’ll make sure that your electrical system is in the best possible shape.

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