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Choosing the Right Exterior Lighting Solution for Your Home

electrician-outdoor-lightingProper lighting has been an integral part of home life for, well, as long as homes have existed. Nobody likes stumbling around in the dark as soon as the sun has set, after all. While plenty of people take great care to ensure that they have enough light inside the home, however, not nearly as many ensure that they have proper exterior lighting. Just as with interior lighting, exterior lights can serve a wide variety of needs. If you’re looking for a new exterior lighting solution, consider some of the options we’ve outlined below.

LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have gained immense popularity throughout the world, for a number of reasons. They’re versatile, bright, and energy efficient. In fact, they can consume up to 90% less power than the typical incandescent bulb. LEDs can be adapted to all kinds of lighting uses, from safety, to atmospheric, to entertainment. Regardless of what you want to do with your exterior lighting, LEDs can almost certainly work for you. As you read through the options below, keep in mind that you can find LED variants for them to further increase your savings.

Landscape Lighting

The main reason that people want to implement exterior lighting is to highlight the surrounding landscape. This is both for aesthetic and practical reasons, especially if you want to entertain guests in the evening. It’s hard to host a barbeque after sunset if no one can see where they’re going. Options for landscape lighting are varied, from spotlights to more low-key in-ground variants used for walkways. Whether you want to light up your entire property at night, or just want to make sure that you can traverse your property safely, there are many ways to implement landscape lighting for your home.

Security Lighting

Studies have shown a clear correlation between home invasions and burglaries and low-light conditions. People are more likely to commit a crime if they know there’s a lower chance of being seen. So, it’s a pretty good idea to make sure that your home’s exterior is as well-lit as possible in certain areas. Security lighting can be implemented in a number of different ways, from motion-capture lights in the back yard to solar powered lamps above every door. If the exterior of your home is brightly lit, there is a much lower chance that someone will think it’s a good idea to commit some sort of illegal activity in the area. So, make sure that you have a good array of security lighting installed as soon as possible. You get to have peace of mind about your property, and you’ll even be able to find your house key without fumbling around in the dark.

Anderson Electric Corp offers comprehensive exterior lighting installation services in Montclair, NJ. If you need to have some exterior lighting installed on your property, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert electricians. No matter what your exterior lighting needs are, we can make sure that they are properly met.

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