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Get Help for Your Outdoor Lighting Problems

outdoor-porch-lightThe lighting for your house you think about the most is the indoor lighting. This makes sense, as most of the time you’re around your house you are inside it, not outside looking at it.

Unfortunately, this means that outdoor lighting needs often go ignored. Proper outdoor lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways to beautify a house. It’s also beneficial for home security and to improve safety for walking around the house during the evening. A poorly illuminated path can end up being dangerous.

We provide outdoor lighting installation work, but we also can help with repairs for current lighting setups. There are some simple fixes to outdoor lighting you can do on your own, like changing a light bulb. But it’s important to know when you need to call a licensed electrician familiar with exterior lights for the repairs.

Are you comfortable tampering with your exterior lights?

This is what you should ask yourself before you open a toolkit and tamper with a failed outdoor light. Outdoor lights often use more power than indoor ones and may use buried lines. If you have large failed fixtures, such as lights on posts, do you feel okay trying to replace them on your own? If you have doubts about the safety of any of these jobs, please don’t take chances of suffering an injury, an electric shock, or possibly damage to your house or property that will increase the repair costs. A professional electrician can handle the job quickly and accurately. (Make sure the electrician is fully licensed and insured!)

An example of a major outdoor lighting problem

We’ll demonstrate how professional electricians can solve problems for you that you shouldn’t deal with yourself. Landscape lighting is a great way to liven up a front or back yard. If one or two of the lights in your landscape lighting go out, it’s usually a basic task to replace them. Simply make sure you put in a new bulb of the correct wattage, voltage, and size. But if all the landscape lights go out, something more serious is at work.

Always check the circuit breaker panel indoors to see if the circuit for the outdoor lights has tripped. If you reset it and it trips again, then the overload on the circuit is something for a professional to check on.

If the circuit breaker isn’t the issue, there are a couple of possibilities. The main cable or source could be bad, or the connection between the electric source bad. Fixing this—or even determining which is the problem—takes extra work and often involves digging to reach the cable. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself—well, good for you, because you shouldn’t. Digging around to find electrical cables is a job for a licensed electrician only.

Get the electrical help you need

When you believe you need professional electricians in Caldwell, NJ for outdoor and indoor lighting repairs, call us. We have more than 20 years of history handling all types of lighting installations and repairs. We can help with everything from chandelier lighting to outdoor security flood lighting.

Reach out to Anderson Electric Corp. for all your lighting needs. We offer service to Northern New Jersey.

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