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Handling Recessed Lighting Repairs

recessed-lightingOne of the benefits of recessed lighting fixtures in a home is how they stay out of the way and help to save space in rooms where hanging light fixtures might be obtrusive or simply unattractive. Recessed lights, when installed correctly, create a sleek, modern appearance for rooms.

They do present a bit of a problem when it comes to making repairs. Replacing a burnt-out incandescent bulb or LED bulb is a simple task. The difficulty is when recessed lights have electrical issues or have come loose. Because the lights are set into the construction material, accessing and fixing the wiring and other components of the fixture are tricky. You only want to entrust the job of fixing a faulty recessed light to a professional electrician in Wayne, NJ. This ensures the job is done accurately and without creating the danger of an electrical fire.

Crooked, loose, or hanging lights

Recessed lights have mounting clips holding them in place. The clips are mounted against the drywall and attached to the light’s base. These clips can slip and come loose, leading to crooked recessed lights or lights that have slipped and are hanging down from the housing. Neither is ideal! But you can’t just shove the light fixture back into its hole in the ceiling to fix it. One of the big concerns with tampering with recessed lights if you don’t have professional training and tools is you can weaken the drywall and cause damage that will make it necessary to replace the entire fixture and start over. A professional can take care of the job of re-stapling the clips and mounting the lights without weakening the drywall.

Bad wiring

If you’re noticing a blinking recessed light fixture, the trouble may be with the wiring rather than with the bulb. An electrician can test to locate the problem, then find the best way to access the wiring. An electrician will ensure the proper thermal protection is in place—the parts of the recessed light insulating the drywall and other building material from the heat of the light and prevent fires—so the repair is done safely.

Replacing recessed lights

Sometimes, the best way forward is to have a new light put in. This involves replacing the housing and probably doing some changes to the wiring. If your electrician believes it is best to have the light replaced, you can look into some improvements, such as changing over to energy-saving LED lighting. Or maybe it’s time for a bit of a lighting redesign for the area? You can have the other recessed lights replaced as part of redoing the lighting for the room. Talk to your electrician about the best and most affordable options for your situation.

Our electricians can handle any of your lighting needs. We work with recessed lighting and all other kinds of indoor lighting—LED lighting, track lighting, accent lighting, etc. Call us when you need recessed lighting repairs or if you want to schedule a free consultation for improvements to your home’s indoor lighting.

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