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How We Can Help Lower Your Electric Bills

lightbulb-LED-100-dollar-billsThere are many ways you can put an electrician in Wayne, NJ to work for you. Sure, an electrician is indispensable for handling repairs, inspections, and installations of vital electrical components like electric panels and whole-house generators. But your electrician can help you take an active approach toward lowering your electric bills.

Almost any homeowner wants to cut down on how much they pay for electricity each month. All the simple methods, like remembering to turn off lights in unused rooms and unplugging appliances that aren’t in use, can help. But they can only help so far. Our electricians can help you take larger steps toward saving electricity in your home.

Replace old lights with LED lights

This is one of the easiest ways to significantly drop household electrical use. Compared to standard incandescent lights, LED (light emitting diode) lights use only a fraction of the electrical power. They have other advantages, such as extended life (the average LED light can last for 11 years) and no heat generation (which helps cut down on AC bills). Our technicians can perform an LED upgrade for both your indoor and outdoor lighting.

Replace old energy-wasting appliances

Homeowners try to keep appliances working for as long as possible so they can get the best return on investment in them. We understand—who wants to pay to replace a dishwasher, refrigerator, or laundry machine when the current one is still doing the job? But old appliances can be huge drains on electrical power. If you have major appliances in your home that don’t have the ENERGY STAR label from the Department of Power, we recommend you have new ones installed. There may even be government incentives available for replacing them.

Installing dimmer switches

Here’s another way you can change your home lighting and cut down on electric use. A dimmer switch lets you lower illumination when you don’t need as much light. Even without the electrical savings, dimmer switches are good ideas because they create a more pleasant indoor environment.

Set up a smart home

What’s a “smart home”? It’s a big step in home automation that can completely change how your house uses energy as well as how you live—and all for the better. With smart home controls, your house will have a central panel that monitors and controls lights, the HVAC system, security system, etc. You can provide the settings, but the smart controls can develop their own programs to maximize energy use and take care of tasks when you’re away from home.

Our electricians can set up a smart home system customized for your needs and budget. You don’t need all electrical systems connected to the controls, only the ones you think are important. Our electricians will help you make choices, and they install the finest brands in climate and home automation: the Samsung Smart Things Hub, Leviton Controls, Alexa, and Nest products.

And more…

There are other ways we can help make your home an electric saver. Feel free to call us to discuss the options!

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