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How Often do I Need an Electrician to Check My Wiring?

electric-panelLike many of the systems in your home, you probably don’t think about your electrical system all that often. And that’s fair, because most of the time your electrical system probably doesn’t need your attention. Here’s the thing, though: even the highest quality systems break down eventually.

Electrical problems can absolutely happen in your home, they can happen without you realizing it at first, and they can cause an immense amount of damage if they aren’t dealt with in time. That’s why you need to have an electrician check out your wiring every once in a while, on the off chance that it’s malfunctioning in some way. Have a look below at some of the tips for when to have an electrician check out your electrical system for you.

At Least Once a Year

As we mentioned above, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll notice a problem with your electrical system as soon as it happens. This is because most electrical problems aren’t going to immediately start showing symptoms. You’ll only start to notice obvious symptoms once the problems have had plenty of time to cause damage, and that’s not a good situation to be in. The best way to ensure that your electrical system stays in good condition for as long as possible is to have a professional electrician check it out for you at least once a year. Your electrician will be able to identify any developing problems in your electrical system, and resolve them before they get any worse. This will keep your home safer, save you money on repair costs, and generally give you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your electrical system functioning properly.

Flickering Lights

Even if you do have a professional electrician check out your system on a regular basis, there is still a chance for problems to occur. One of the more obvious signs that your electrical system is in trouble is if the lights start flickering on a regular basis. This could mean that there is a problem with the light itself, if it’s limited to one light. If multiple lights are flickering at once, though, then you definitely have a deeper electrical issue. Call for repairs as soon as you notice this.

The Electrical Panel Keeps Tripping

Your electrical panel may trip every once in a while when a power surge occurs, or if you overload that circuit. No big deal. You just need to reset the circuit to resolve the issue most of the time. If the panel keeps tripping, though, or if it refuses to reset at all, then you have a more serious issue. You should definitely call for repairs if you suspect that your panel is malfunctioning, or if there’s something that is affecting your system in such a way that it’s causing the panel to trip, you should have a professional electrician check it out as soon as possible.

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