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Should I Be Worried About Flickering Lights?

incandescent-lightsThe answer to the above question is: “Sometimes no and sometimes yes.” Lights in your house that start to flicker can indicate minor issues you can correct yourself or which an electrician can fix, but aren’t a source of major worry—except for losing light in a few bulbs.

On the other hand, flickering lights can warn that there are bigger electrical faults in the house, some potentially dangerous. These problems absolutely require a professional electrician to repair. Never attempt to do any wiring or panel repair on your own, since it can create larger fire hazards and a high danger of electrical shocks.

The “No Sweat” Flickering Light Problems

We’ll start with some of the basic troubles that may cause flickering lights. You may or may not need to call for repairs for these, but you also don’t need to worry about your safety. (If you aren’t sure, call an electrician to check on what’s happening.)

  • LED and fluorescent light behavior: If you are new to having LED or fluorescent lights in your house, you might think something is wrong when they flicker. However, this is common to these types of lights and rarely anything to worry about. It usually happens when the lights come on. If the flickering is too distracting, put in a new light.
  • Loose bulb: If a single lightbulb is flickering, turn off the power to it and check to see if it is secure in the socket. If this doesn’t solve the issue, then there’s something else wrong.
  • Bad light switch: The light switch closes and opens the electrical connection to the lights. If it has a poor connection, it will create flickering. Fiddle with the switch a bit to see if the flickering stops. If it doesn’t, it’s best to have an electrician put in a new switch.

The “Time to Worry” Flickering Light Problems

We don’t want you to worry for too long, however! If you think there may be a serious electrical issue behind the flickering lights, shut off the power at the electrical box and call for an electrician in Livingston, NJ. You can count on our licensed electricians to provide the best service.

  • Power Surges: Also known as voltage fluctuations, this is a problem people often associate with disasters like lightning strikes or downed power lines. But there doesn’t need to be a disaster for your home’s voltage to surge above or below the standard 120 volts. This will not only cause lights to flicker, it may also lead to lights burning out early. You don’t want this voltage instability in your house, since it can increase the chance for failed equipment and damage. Call an electrician to test the voltage and offer solutions.
  • Bad wiring: Loose wiring is the most hazardous cause for flickering lights in a home and also the leading cause of house fires. This is more likely to occur in an older home in need of a wiring upgrade. If you cannot find other reasons for lights flickering, have an electrician make the check to see if there is loose wiring that can endanger the house.

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