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Most people don’t sit around thinking about their home systems, and how all of them work together to make their lives more convenient. We don’t blame you if you don’t often spare a thought for the various systems in your home. However, we hope you do make sure that they get the professional services they need.

One of the most important home systems is the electrical system, upon which almost all other systems depend. Make sure that you find the best electrician you can to handle this system, so that the rest of your home can operate smoothly. Anderson Electric Corp.’s licensed and fully–trained electricians are the right choice if you’re in the Roseland, NJ area. Give us a call to schedule electrical services in Roseland, NJ and the surrounding area.

Electrical Services in Roseland, NJ

Doing your own electrical work is never, ever a good idea unless you have professional training. The risk of fire or electrical shock is too great. If you need a new electrical panel installed, or maybe some indoor or outdoor lighting updates, don’t try to do it yourself. Let our expert electricians handle it for you, and you can rest assured that it will be done right. We offer a full range of electrical repair and wiring services. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Experts in Roseland

You may need our outdoor and indoor lighting services for a number of possible reasons. Perhaps you are making major renovations and need to make changes to the lighting. Maybe you’ve just bought a new property, and you aren’t happy with the layout of the outdoor lighting. Or you might simply want to upgrade a few fixtures or switches. No matter what your indoor and outdoor lighting needs may be, one thing is for certain–Anderson Electric Corp. is the team to call.

We Install and Service Generators in Roseland, NJ

A generator may not seem like that big a deal for most of the year. During one of those blackouts that can last for days, though, you’ll be very glad you have one. A backup generator is a good thing to have, especially nowadays, when our electrical grids are increasingly overworked and out of date. We install, repair, and maintain generators of all kinds in Roseland, NJ, including automatic standby generators. We’ll find the perfect generator solution for your power needs.

Roseland, NJ Commercial Electrical Services

If you are responsible for running a commercial building, you probably have a good sense of how much everything relies on the electrical system in order to work properly. It’s kind of hard to get any work done if you can’t even keep the lights on, after all. That’s why you should let our commercial electricians maintain your electrical system for you. We provide complete commercial electric services, including commercial electrical wiring and indoor and outdoor commercial lighting. We even install and service commercial smoke detectors.