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Electrical work is one of those things that few people think about, but everyone needs. Most every other system and appliance you can find in a home relies on the electrical system in some way, which makes maintaining it pretty important. If you want to keep your electrical system in the best possible shape for as long as you can, you should find a reliable electrician to handle it for you.

Anderson Electric Corp. provides a full range of professional electrical services throughout Summit, NJ from fully–trained and licensed electricians who take pride in a job well done. If you need an electrical system installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, call today to schedule electrical services in Summit, NJ and the surrounding area.

Comprehensive Electrical Services in Summit, NJ

There are a ton of different electrical systems and services available on the market. Some of them are quite common, like lighting and electrical panels. Others are a bit more niche, like generator installation. Regardless, all of them benefit from quality electrical work. If you need electrical wiring or repair services, let our expert electricians help you out. We’ll make sure that you get the perfect electrical service for your needs completely in a timely manner with quality materials. Call today if you have any questions, or to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

Call Right Away for Electrical Repair Services

If you have faulty wiring or an issue with your electrical system, call an electrician right away. Issues with your wiring can be hazardous, so you don’t want to wait. Our Summit electricians are licensed and trained to quickly identify the source of your electrical issues, and provide safe repair services. Don’t leave the safety of your family and home to chance – call us right away to schedule electrical services in Summit, NJ and the surrounding area.

We Can Wire Your Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Your indoor and outdoor lighting requires electrical wiring to work, of course. And any time wiring work is required for your home, it’s important to work with licensed electricians only. Our expert team can set up an indoor lighting system for a new home or property that makes it easier to get work done, cook, or relax. Or, they can set up an outdoor lighting design to add security or illuminate your flowerbeds. Give us a call to learn more about our services.

Smart Home Installation in Summit, NJ

Smart home installation and setup is never something that should be done by an amateur, especially if it’s something like smart home lighting that requires electrical work. If you need any kind of smart home setup in your home, trust us to handle it for you. We’ll make sure that you get all the smart home setup services you need to make the most of your home automation appliances in Summit, NJ.

Call for Generator Services in Summit, NJ

A generator is one of those things that you may not think about for most of the year, until you really need it. When the power goes out in the middle of a storm, and might be out for several days, you’ll be really glad that you have that backup generator to rely on. We offer complete generator installation services, including automatic standby generators, and we are certified Generac dealers. If you want to keep the lights on in your home, even in a blackout, we’ve got your back.

Summit, NJ Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial buildings require all kinds of electrical services to stay up and running. Their systems are larger, more complicated, and placed under more demand than the average residential system. If you have a commercial building that is in need of electrical services, Anderson Electric Corp. is here for you. Our commercial electricians offer a wide range of services, from electrical wiring, to lighting, to smoke detectors. Let us handle all of your commercial electric service needs. Call today to schedule an appointment.